AMU students hold candle march demanding justice for Inspector Subodh Singh

Aligarh: Students of the Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) took out a candle march on the campus from Maulana Azad Library Canteen to Bab-e-Syed to protest against the killing of Inspector Subodh Kumar Singh, who was killed by mob in UP’s Bulandshahr.
  In a show of Solidarity scores of students including AMUSU president M. Salman Imtiyaz, Vice president Hamza Sufian and all the cabinet members joined the march to protest against the killing of Police Inspector.

“It is high time that the Uttar Pradesh government take the stock of the situation of Bulandshahr incidence. If the police is not safe then who is ? We can’t let more of our guardians of the society be quelled to death. The government need to put their entire focus on the issue and take action against the mob. Said AMUSU Vice President Hamza Sufian.
Student leader Mubashir Hussain Shah said, A country where it’s police is not safe, imagine the plight of the common man. India turning into a lawless land under the current regime. Bulandshahr is not an isolated incident. Like all cow lynching is a strategy of BJP to polarize society. Earlier it was Muslims, now even police is not safe.
Inspector Subodh Kumar Singh
AMU students has always stood firm against the oppression and atrocities happening anywhere in the country and today they also proved it.


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