AMU Students’ Union rejects FIR lodged by saffron terrorists

Aligarh: Aligarh Muslim University Students’ Union rejects the FIR lodged by saffron terrorists in the local police station against the students of the university. The charges of sedition and others are frivolous and based on falsehood and fraud. The FIR symbolises extreme repression by the state.
AMUSU reiterates that the University was running peacefully and it was the people associated with BJP and its allied media house Republic TV who disrupted the campus harmony. The facts must be placed before the nation that it was a normal day at the university and regular campus activities were being conducted.
Primarily, it was a team of reporters associated with a fascist media house called Republic TV along with some non-students and associates of RSS and BJP who entered the campus with malafide intention. They were asking farcical questions and labelling AMU with terror and anti-National activities. They were alleging that Barrister Assadudin Owaisi is in the campus for a meeting and claimed to oppose that. Mr. Owaisi was not in the campus, and his name was just used to instigate violence. When the AMU students challenged the said media reporters on its manner of questions and asked them to seek permission from the relevant authorities of AMU, the reporters heckled the students and the female reporter threatened to frame false sexual harassment charges against the students.
Republic TV CREW was recording its reporters saying that ‘AMU is a terrorist campus’. AMU staff intervened and asked the media house to stop senseless reporting and seek permission from officer bearers of the university; however Republic TV Crew continued with its aggression. This led to the disruption in the campus. It was followed by a reaction from a well armed gang of BJP terrorists who started beating AMU students and were beaten in defence. The associates of BJP, many of whom were not students including their Youth leader Mukesh Lodhi, wielded weapons and challenged the life and security of the students. One student of the armed gang named Dheeraj Chaudhary was taken into control by AMU students and he revealed on a video record that BJP associates had an intent to break locks of the Registrar Office and cause disruption and damage to the university property. The illegal infiltrators and some pro-BJP students have lodged an FIR against AMU students.
AMUSU rejects this FIR and calls all the charges as false and fabricated. This incident is nothing but a frustration of the ruling regime to incite communal violence before 2019 elections. BJP wants to make AMU as a launching pad for its new wave of communal politics. As the fact remains that Modi government has failed on all fronts of development and is facing tough time of Rafale Scam, it is trying to hide behind the communal colour.
AMUSU condemn the communal approach of BJP and its allied media houses and take strong objection to their interference into the campus. The pro-BJP lobby has been active in creating hatred among Hindu and Muslim students at AMU, and trying to incite a communal divide.
We assure the nation that the unity and integrity of AMU will be secured by blood and sweat, and no harm to brotherhood at AMU will be allowed.
We are AMU and we are one, and BJP cannot divide us.
We demand an FIR against the instigators and illegal infiltrators including Ajay Singh, Aman Sharma, Anubhav Singh, Shivam, Manish, Manoj Sharma, Nishit Sharma and others.
We demand an immediate rustication of all those students who were involved in setting the campus on fire. AMUSU will take the fascists head on and will not show any signs of weakness. India is a country of diversity and RSS and its allied fronts will not be allowed to break the nation.
M Salman Imtiaz, President, AMUSU


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