Condemn the brutal killing of Subodh Singh, the cope who Investigated lynching of Muhammed Akhlaq in Dadri

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It was on last Monday morning, an angry Hindutva mob shot Subodh Singh, a police officer who was trying to clear the passage which was blocked by the cow vigilants in a village in Uttar Pradesh’s Bulandshahr. The violent mob was protesting with the carcasses of 25 cows by alleging that it was killed by the members of Muslim community who were uphelding a conference nearby.
A video of the police officer’s body hanging on the official duty vehicle was circulated widely and celebrated among hindutva right wing circles. The post mortem report found that the mob hit the police officer with a blunt object and shot on his forehead with a clear target of extinguishing him. The incident was not occured as a random, but the continuation of the Anti-Muslim hindutva rage resulted in number of mob lynchings.
It is much more transparent in the killing of Subodh Singh as he was one of the rays of hope for Muslims in Uttar Pradesh, who was investigated the dreadful killing of Mohammed Akhlaq in Dadri by the hindutva mob over the suspicion of cow slaughter and consumption of its meat. He got tranformed from the charge of investigation after he became instrumental in submitting the laboratory samples which proved that the meat found from Akhlaq’s home was not cow meat.
Image Credit : Punjabkaseri
The sister of Subodh Singh bravely shared her anxiety that her brother was killed because of investigating the case of Akhlaq and it was a conspiracy of the police. Subodh Singh was another martyr who lost his life by standing up for the cause of Muslims In India. An immediate investigation and just action against the culprits who was engaged in this brutal killing has to be taken from the authority. It is also the responsibility of all the fair minded students and common people across India to stand up for Shaheed Subodh Singh and voice against his killing which was deep rooted in Islamophobic and Anti-Muslim Hindutva hatredness.


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