Critical analyzation of  Interim Budget-2019

The writer is a research scholar, Dept. of Economics, University of Tripura

1.This budget has violated the basic feature of an interim budget, because one of the basic features of an interim budget is not to give the big promises and not to introduce new schemes with huge amount of expenditure due to the limitation of time period. Both of these are done in this budget. So, this is not an interim budget, this may be an election agenda making the people fool.
2. This budget has taken the initiative to allocate Rs.6000 per year with three installment to small and marginal farmers having cultivable land upto 2 hectare. This is a misguide to common people or farmers because actual benefit will reach to the land owners not the original farmers and it will increase the wage of hired farmers .So, this may be named as Allocation of Rs.6000 to land owners. In Bengali we can term it as “tela mathay tel dewa”
3. This budget also indicates that cow is more important than education and research. As a huge of RS.750 crores are allocated to safe cow and their productivity. But there is no special allocation for Higher Education and Research.
4. Special focus is given to the workers who are working in unorganized sector. But my question is that who will identify the workers engaged really in unorganized sector?
5. In the para-5 of budget speech Mr.Goel said “We are moving towards realising a ‘New India’ by 2022, when we celebrate 75 years of India’s independence: an India which is clean and healthy, where everybody would have a house with universal access to toilets, water and electricity; where farmers’ income would have doubled; youth and women would get ample opportunities to fulfil their dreams: an India free from terrorism, communalism, casteism, corruption and nepotism”. How can it be possible? This is again what people call as ‘Zumlabaji’…..
In concussion I can say that there is less hope for the implementation of all these promises due to limitation of time period  and it is time for the declaration of election schedule. So code of conduct will be activated very soon. Still we have much hope to the government for the implementation of some of its promises.


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