How many people probably will be excluded from the final NRC in Assam?

What is the actual number of pending cases under FT till Aug. 2019?


What is the actual number of pending cases under FT till Aug. 2019?

Next Saturday, 31st August 2019, will bring the figures with official authenticity. However, experts from Assam and NGOs working with NRC put the latest figures as between 20 and 23 lakh applicants may be excluded from the final NRC list in Assam. 3 lakhs one thousand cases are still pending at FT till August this year. May be the figure 23 lakh is including these 3 lakh pending cases at FT and 20 lakh is excluding them. In this case total excluded figure stands at 23 lakhs by all experts, else it may be 26 lakhs including the pending FT cases.

Notably, this 23 lakh figure itself is a big number and it is going to be a major issue to deal with by the governments in Assam as well as in the Centre, in the coming months and years.

The world has total 232 listed countries as of 2019. Among them 87 have 23 or less than 23 lakh total population, including Botswana, ranks 145 with 23 lakhs total population, Maldives ranks 173 with 5 lakhs and the last Vatican City which ranks 232 with the least population of 799 only in 2019.

Whatever the out of list number comes, following the release of the final NRC list on 31st August (next Saturday) for Assam, some very tough days are ahead for political parties, government functionaries and of course for out of list people.


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