Jignesh and Umar Khalid to campaign for Welfare Party in the upcoming Lok Sabha election.

Image Source: Facebook

Taranga Barta Desk: To build up an alternative narrative of politics and power Dalit leader and Gujarat’s MLA Jignesh Mewani, and JNU Students’ leader Umar Khalid will campaign for Welfare Party of India in the upcoming Lok Sabha election. Sources say, Jignesh and Umar had a meeting with Dr. SQR Iliyas, the All India President of Welfare Party. They discussed over the country’s communal politics . They also talked about how to bring together the whole of Dalit, Minority, and Tribal votes to confront the evil power that’s segregating the mass of India. It would be politically productive for the State as well as for the Welfare Party if leaders like Jignesh and Umar Khalid come out for the campaigns.


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