Post Pathankot attack if govt. would have investigated the entire episode Pulwama like scenario could have been avoided

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A polite reminder to all die hard nationalists bhakts

Manna Barbhuiya 
On 2nd January 2016, 4-5 heavily armed terrorists attacked at the Pathankot Airforce base, Punjab. 5 defence security corps, 1 Garud commando, 1 NSG died on that ambush.
What happened after that?
A five-member Pakistani investigation team was allowed to visit the air base on 28 March, and remained for three days to collect evidence and conduct interviews with witnesses and survivors. Pakistani investigators stated the attack had been a false-flag attack staged by the Indian government to malign Pakistan.
On 18th September 2016, four heavily armed terrorists attacked at the Indian Army brigade headquarters in Uri, Baramulla district of Jammu & Kashmir. 19 brave soldiers died during that ambush.
What measures did Modi government took post that attack?
On 19 September, Home Minister Rajnath Singh, Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar, Chief of the Army Staff Dalbir Singh, National Security Advisor Ajit Doval and other officials of the Home and Defence ministries met to review the security situation in Kashmir, particularly in areas along the Line of Control. The National Investigation Agency filed a first information report regarding the attack and took over the investigation from Jammu and Kashmir Police on 20 September.
What happened after that?
On September 29, eleven days after the attack, the Indian Army conducted retaliatory “surgical strikes” on what it termed “launch-pads” used by militants in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir. Indian Director General of Military Operations (DGMO) Lt Gen Ranbir Singh said that it had made a preemptive strike against “terrorist teams” who were preparing to “carry out infiltration and conduct terrorist strikes inside Jammu and Kashmir and in various metros in other states”.
Was that really enough?
So, those who were assuming Modi ji will bomb Pakistan post Pulwama ambush and turn it into ashes were either fools or blind idiots.
Post Pathankot attack if government would have investigated the entire episode, Doval would have behind bars or at least have sacked. Despite having clear intelligence gathering about attack on Pathankot Airforce base, Doval interfered beyond his jurisdiction and sent a team of NSG into the base to fight those attackers in case of any ambush. Whereas NSG troops were not trained for dealing such ambush scenario. Ultimately result in 7 casualty followed by dozens of injuries.
Modi along with his impotent NSA Doval were the main culprits behind such mess across the country.
Entire intelligence machinary were deployed in reading moods of voters, spying on opposition leaders. In such scenario what to expect more.
Pulwama attack was just another Uri attack, just another Pathankot attack. Nothing gonna change now apart from certain gimmicks.


  1. I think if we stop using direct names of any govt or leader like “Modi govt” or “bhakt”, when we can use other neutral words, then the report would make more impact on people’s mind and it will sound like a real news report. Now it sounds like we are targeting BJP govt and so posting this reports. We can use words like “this govt, Indian govt, present govt, ruling party etc, it sounds more professional. And the use of words like “Bhakt” sounds like we are targeting a particular govt or a particular group of people. As this is a newly started news portal so we should use neutral words. Only giving information does not work in news, presentation and picking correct word is very important. The news should not sound one-sided. It’s a report, not judgement. Thank you


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