PM’s much close Railway Minister got clean chit – Court upset with Assam Police

Shareef Ahmad


Shareef Ahmad, Taranga Barta: The Court was clear to say that Railway Minister will be trialed under Rape Case. It also ordered full security for the victim without any compromise.

Tuesday, Assam’s Nagaon District Court was hearing a rape case against Central Railway Minister Rajen Gohain. Earlier, State Police gave clean chit stating that the conviction can not be proved. The victim’s lawyer yesterday questioned about the Police role. The court didn’t take time to criticize the Police. The judge asked why the victim was not sent for medical diagnosis. It was also known that the victim and her family have left their house being scared of life. State Police could not answer these bitter questions. Being very upset, the judge said, in any way the minister cannot be left clean without proper investigation. Its Judiciary’s duty to ascertain justice for the victim. As a reason the case will go on and Police has to resume the investigation with immediate effect.

Minister Gohain was not present in the court during the hearing. The victim and her husband were present. Additional Police Super Sabita Das was representing the Investigation team of Assam Police. It is now being widely discussed that the Court by criticizing state police, who were trying to save BJP Minister actually took dig on the BJP Government. This is clear that after today’s questioning and absence of response from the authority, the state mechanism is trying to protect Minister Gohain.

This case was lodged by a 24-year married woman against Rajen Gohain on 2nd August in Nagaon Sadar PS. It was then registered under IPC 417/376/506. But after that the Police without doing a nonpartial investigation started harassing the victim and her family. On 10th August the victim’s husband exposed the miserable acts of administration via Facebook live. From that day the entire story came to limelight again.

Victim’s husband claims that his wife was lured for job and eventually was raped by Minister Gohain.But even after three months, no job was offered. Instead, the minister started threatening her.

First the couple kept quite for the sake of their identity would be disclosed but later decided to seek justice from the authority. As soon as the case was registered, they were threatened for life by minister’s son and his close aids. After victim’s husband came out with shocking details of crime, Police came into action and the statement forwarded expressed that the case was registered however the victim is not ready for medical examination.

This year in the month of August, when the entire story came into limeligt, there was mass agitation against Gohain to resign but senior BJP leaders including PM Modi maintained their usual silence. Later in a Press Conference Gohain tried to gain some sympathy saying that it was a propaganda against him to malignhis image and party. After that the victim’s family was never seen in Nagaon. Mean while Police wanted to take down the case by giving clean chit to Gohain but court, this Tuesday, did not agree. The Court dictates that the case will go on and detailed investigation to be relaunched by state police.


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