Secularism Exposed : Muslim girls were barred to appear in UGC-NET exam due to Islamic headscarf


It has been hearing that many muslim students who are attempting UGC-NET exam were compelled to take of their Hijab by the exam centre authorities in many places  through out India. There is no such a stipulation by NTA in hall ticket or any other place so far and still these people are insisting to take off Hijab.

One of the girls who was barred for wearing Hijab wrote on her facebook wall that

“Today I was scheduled to appear for the National Eligibility Test (NET) and I did, I did  go. But I wasn’t allowed to answer. Why? Because I refused to take off my hijab. Yes, that’s right. In a democratic country, a secular society, in a forward state like Goa, I was not allowed to answer an exam that I had all rights to, simply because I valued my modesty, my religious beliefs and identity more than their system. On asking them why, I was told it was because I had to show my ears for the photograph. Even after debating with the authorities present I agreed to re-tie my hijab to be able to show my ears. I asked them to show me to a washroom. They refused. Asked me to do so in the presence of non- mahrems (men who aren’t family) which is against Islamic beliefs. I did not comply. They further informed me that I will have to sit through the exam without my hijab or I cannot answer. So I chose not to. I chose to keep my faith above these laws that do not allow me to practice my religion freely in a “secular society”. And this incident isn’t isolated. I’ve had to face similar disregard from my hijab in the passport office as well. Where I was told the nuns are allowed to keep their headgear on but I’m not. Even though both garments signify the same thing, modesty, religious beliefs and our love for God. I ask you this, why such partiality? Why double standards? Why should we get treated unjustly for what we choose to wear?! I can bet you I’m not the only one who has faced trouble with government offices/ institutions with regards to the hijab. Hijabi sisters, my sisters and brothers in Islam, friends who have family or friends who observe hijab, it’s time we speak up.”

Another muslim girls from Delhi’s Jamia Milia Islamia was also barred for denial of removing Hijab. She wrote on twitter that,

” It clearly says in Constitution that we are free to follow any religion yet this chauvinistic government servants didn’t let me appear in my NETJRF 20dec2018 exam because I was convincing them to let me cover my head and it’s in my religion.”

The same issue has been aroused during NEET exam in 2016. A Muslim girl namely Amna Binth Basheer approached Kerala High Court in which HC had pointed out that ‘head scarf’ is essential practices of Islam and it cannot be denied in the name of  rules and regulations.  Court had declared a general order in that case. It is pathetic to say that Muslim women are denied their rights on each and every national level exams. Do the authorities indirectly says that Muslim women has to go to court to uphold thier fundamental rights before each and every National Level Entrance exams?


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