The issues of Kashmir can only be resolved through dialogue and nothing else.

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A free hand to army has already worsened the wound further. Since last 2-3 decades Govenment of India experimenting with army to settle peace in the valley but unfortunately they failed miserably.

Every next day educated youths joining insurgent groups and army gunning them down terming them as operatives of terrorist groups.

If this current trend goes on like this, in next few years whole Kashmir would be under the umbrella of bullets & fire.

In last 27 years alone Kashmir conflict took away 41000 lives. The casualties include 14,000 civilians, 5,000 security personnel and 22,000 militants between 1990 and March 2017. In all, there have been 69,820 militancy-related incidents during the period; that’s like the state witnessing 2586 militancy incidents every year, for which India blames cross border terror from Pakistan.

In my opinion government of India took people of Kashmir for granted, but how long? Violation of human rights were taking openly without the fear of any international community. Recently UN Human Rights Office report accuses India and Pakistan of ‘excessive use of force’ and human rights abuses in Kashmir.

Government of India wants the land of Kashmir, but not the people. I fear the day collectively all the Kashmiris stood together, army might find it problematic to tackle. Army just can’t shoot or use pellet gun on everybody in the crowd.

Unless Government of India keep aside its ego and dumbness aside, I am seeing no resolution of Kashmir & Pakistan issues anywhere nearby. The way India signed Naga accord, same can be done with Kashmir. This accord won’t hurt anybody moreover will help to settle peace in the valley which is missing since few decades.

Jammu and Kashmir has received 10 per cent of all Central grants given to states over the 2000-2016 period, despite having only one per cent of the country’s population, analysis by The Hindu of Central and State finances shows.

Kashmir conflicts hamping everybodies interests whether we accept the figures or not. For our very own interests, we have to compel our elected representatives in the Parliament to take a step towards a logical resolution of Kashmir. Its already 70+ years and its enough for now.


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