Twettarati trend #MyVoteMyManifesto highlighting their Demands to be included in Parliamentary Election Manifesto – 2019

In this season of parliamentary elections, when political parties are in the process of finalising their Party’s Manifesto, Twettarati find their own way of conveying their demands & wishes to political parties by trending the hashtag #MyVoteMyManifesto. Many students, youth, Activists & citizens posted their demands tagging relevant ministries & political parties. It was trending at all India level & also in many states like Delhi & Karnataka on night of 9th March 2019.
Majority of demands posted were related to Education, Youth issues, Unemployment, Human Rights Violation, Injustice, Law & Order etc. More than 12k tweets were posted across the country. Here is the compilation of few selected tweets to give the readers an idea about the range of demands & wishes posted by citizens.
One of the renowned activists, Dr. Kafeel Khan of Gorakhpur tweeted “The government should pay extra attention to Children with Special Needs (CWSN). Steps should be taken to ensure that teachers are not utilised beyond the duties as specified in Section 24 of the RTE Act #StudentsManifesto2019 #MyVoteMyManifesto”.

In another tweet highlighting the importance of regional balance while establishing educational institutions, he tweeted “Educational institutions of significance as central universities/IITs/IIMs be equally distributed geographically such that every region has equal access schools system as specified under Section 3 of the RTE Act must be implemented”
Student Leader from AMUSU, Ferdous A Barbhuiya tweeted “Government should ensure that the minority status of Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) and JamiaMilliaIslamia (JMI) is not interfered with. #MyVoteMyManifesto”.

CEO at Shaheen Education Foundation, Mr. Thouseef Madikeri tweeted “The respective governments should ensure pupil-teacher ratio (PT ratio) is maintained as per Section 25 of the RTE Act (2009). #MyVoteMyManifesto”

Journalist from UP, Masi Uzzuma emphasising for Free transportation facility to students tweeted “बेटी बचाओ, बेटी पढ़ाओ का स्वप्न तभी साकार हो पाएगा जब बेटियों के पढ़ने जाने का उचित यातायात प्रबंध किया जाएगा। “.

Research Scholar from JNU, Sadath Hussain tweeted about the need for a law to prevent discrimination. “A comprehensive law should be enacted for the prevention of discrimination against religious minorities in employment, education, housing and other public utilities, and for the prevention and punishment of all kinds of harassment and violence on the basis of religious identity.”

Labeed Aliya, President of SIO, the first students organisation to come up with demands of students & youth for upcoming parliamentary elections, also in a series of tweets demanded special tribunal for quick disposal of Education related issues, effective implementation of anti tobacco & drug abuse laws and inclusion of Environmental education in course curriculum.


Mr. Umar from Gujarat tweeted “National Commission for Minority Education Institutions (NCMEI) must be granted enforceable jurisdiction and recognised accordingly across the nation. #MyVoteMyManifesto @SyedAzhars @JayNarayan_Vyas”
Tahoor Anwar from Bihar tweeted “Section 197 of the CrPC must be scrapped to allow for the filing of cases against police officers who commit torture, concoct false cases against innocents and carry out other excesses in abuse of the law. #MyVoteMyManifesto”
Lawyer by profession, Mr. Talha stressed on the need for compensation for innocents. He tweeted “The innocent people must be adequately compensated for the duration of their incarceration. #MyVoteMyManifesto”.
Human Rights activist, Mr Nadeem Khan of United against Hate while appreciating the hashtag that was trending, tweeted “Neither Nirav Modi nor Rahul Gandhi nor Modified tools can stop you. You are influential and you can be in #Election2019 also. Move on dear all. #MyVoteMyManifesto”.


Malik Motasim Khan, Member of Telangana State Waqf Board tweeted regarding recognisation of Madarsa education as valid for graduation. He tweeted “Arabic and Islamic chair has to be opened in all universities to promote plural culture of our country. Qualification certificates from Madrasas must be recognized as valid for eligibility of students to join these courses. #MyVoteMyManifesto @HRDMinistry”

Mrs. Khalida Parveen, socio-political Activist from Hyderabad tweeted on women’s safety & regulation of inappropriate online content. She tweeted “#MyVoteMyManifesto – Why so much of rapes are taking place? Ban the porn sites and save the children”.
Mr. Shariq Ansar, Delhi based journalist tweeted “Neighbourhood schools system based on common school system as specified under Section 3 of the RTE Act (2009) must be implemented. #MyVoteMyManifesto @mhrdschools @msisodia @AtishiAAP”
Mr. Mohammed Salman from Mumbai questioning the government about Unemployment tweeted a poster & wrote “Create #Jobs, Not Jumlas #MyVoteMyManifesto #ModifiedJobs”. The poster content was “Government should create more jobs in sectors that are currently facing a shortfall, for instance teaching, police & security agencies, armed forces, lower judiciary, healthcare services, anganwadi workers etc”.
Syed Azharuddin raising concern over the independency of government institutions tweeted “Government is making all institutions weak, weaker and now weakest. Institutions should be independently empowered to function accordingly. #MyVoteMyManifesto “ – “Institutions made for the protection of Human rights (NHRC, SC/ST Commision, NCW, NCM etc) should be strengthened by appointing credible people to their posts and providing them necessary funds & infrastructure”.


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